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Obtaining The Best Financing To Build Your Dream Home Is Just As Important As Building Your New Home.  The Construction Loan "Inside Secrets" Ebook Breaks The Loan Process Down So That You'll Know Exactly What To Look For. Download A Free PDF Copy Today...

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“ For the last 38 years I've been asked the same questions over and over regarding how construction loans work, so I wrote this ebook to answer all those questions ."

Rick Gomez 

Construction Loan Expert

What’s Inside ?

Most people think the interest rate is the most important thing but I can assure you that it isnt. The construction lenders guidelines are always more important because that is where the pro's and con's are.

For example did you know most construction loans are based on loan to cost which can cause you to have to bring in more cash to close. The finished value is the best feature of most construction loans because it takes into account all your hard earned equity.

Loan to value versus loan to cost.

How fund control works to pay your builder.

Par pricing versus hidden yield spread premiums.

Experienced loan officers matter.

Insider Insights

“Finding the best lender is so much easier when you have all the options on the table. Having access to all the lenders guidelines allows one to find the right bank for your project”
Gil Harries Jr

Senior Construction Loan Officer

Obtain the best construction loan today!

The construction loan inside secrets ebook is a concise and easy read with years of experience throughout !

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